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Bizcardly’s groundbreaking platform allows users to create stunning digital business cards, complete with a unique QR code that can be scanned to instantly share their information. By eliminating the need for printed cards, Bizcardly not only helps professionals stay organized but also contributes to a more sustainable future.


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Why Choose Bizcardly?

Discover the Bizcardly difference and transform the way you connect with others. Experience unparalleled convenience, innovative design, and sustainable networking with our digital business card platform, crafted to elevate your professional presence.

Innovative & Professional Design

Stand out from the crowd with our customizable and modern digital business card designs, tailored to showcase your unique brand identity


Bizcardly simplifies the process of saving contact information to your phone with our seamless vCard integration. With just a single click, you can save the contact details from a digital business card directly to your phone's contact list.

Effortless Sharing

There is no need to worry about carrying physical business cards or exchanging contact details. With Bizcardly, you can share your digital business card instantly just scan the code with a smartphone

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Bizcardly is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Say goodbye to stacks of unused paper cards and embrace the future of eco-friendly networking.


How It Works

Experience Seamless Networking in Three Simple Steps

1. Sign Up to Bizcardly

2. Share Your Unique QR Code

3. Let people Scan & Save Your Contact Info Instantly

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